About Helena

Helena is a member of the Bowen Association of Australia and the co-founder of Bowen Health Practice. She obtained her Bowen qualifications via Bowen Training Australia and her techniques follow the original Bowtech or Bowenwork system. She is a lover of natural therapies and is always passionate about holistic health.

Bowen Therapy has been beneficial to both Helena’s clients and herself. It has brought her long lasting reliefs from many chronic pains and discomforts. She is always amazed by the way Bowen works, with only small, gentle and minimal inputs, that muscular tension is released, tissues adhesion loosened, inflammation reduced and body restrictions improved. Anyone from babies to the frail or elderly can also benefit from it.

As a Bowen Therapy practitioner, Helena’s goal is to facilitate the healing process of her clients and assist them in regaining a level of function and comfort. She loves to support people for all sorts of health issues and is especially interested in musculoskeletal problems (aches and pains on the body and limbs), posture and gait, migraines, TMJ disorders, neurological disorders and indigestion.

Helena strives to improve herself both as a practitioner and an individual by regularly attending courses and seminars on a variety of health topics. She cares about her own health as well as others, and seeks to find the most effective ways in restoring the body’s innate ability to heal whilst helping her clients to recover.

Other than her passion for Bowen Therapy, Helena enjoys spending time with her husband, catching up with friends, being outdoors, immersing herself in nature, reading books and growing plants. As a committed Christian, she sings in the church band as she loves singing praises to God and proclaiming the gospel to people.

English (Australia)