Bowen Therapy is effective in many cases, although the healing journey depends on a number of factors including the nature and complexity of the condition, its length of existence, the client’s commitment to care, and the capacity of the client’s body in response to the treatment.

Despite the fact that Bowen Therapy is capable in resolving some health problems, it should be considered as a complementary support rather than a substitute for medical treatment. You should contact your doctor for advice if you have any health concerns.

The content on this website is for your information only and is not intended to replace any medical consultation, diagnosis, and/or treatment that may be relevant to or required by a physician. The use of information is solely at your discretion and liability.

When your body starts to realign itself and rectify old compensation patterns after a treatment, you may feel your pain move around the body, your old symptom(s) returns or your symptom magnifies before it is relieved. Experiencing sensation or discomfort during the healing process is normal and common and is usually temporary that will settle when self-adjustment is completed.

Some Bowen procedures may not be recommended for certain health or medical conditions (e.g. the Coccyx procedure is not suitable for pregnant women), so it is critical that you provide your Bowen practitioner with a current medical profile. Your health decisions are your personal responsibility.

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