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About Us

Bowen Health Practice is a Christian-run natural health service that utilises Bowen Therapy to manage and support people’s health. It is located within the premises of Holistic Health Norwest at Lexington Drive, Bella Vista. The Principal Therapists are Rocky and Helena Kwong.

Rocky and Helena are qualified Bowen Therapy practitioners who are keen to support the vulnerable people as well as those who are seeking positive changes to their health. They work predominantly from a whole-being perspective using the original Bowen Technique system.

At Bowen Health Practice, we aim to improve your physical and emotional conditions via your body’s self-healing mechanism. We will work on your muscles and connective tissues (the fascia) manually to stimulate your automatic nervous system to react and engage in the healing process.

Less-is-more is the philosophy of Bowen Therapy and the principle that we follow, meaning we only do what is necessary without overloading your body. Our wholistic and non-invasive approach to promote rest and recovery is gentle and effective, applicable to people of all ages.

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